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Appetizer From Kitchen

Pan-fried dumpling (choice of pork or vegetable)
Steamed shrimp dumpling
Tempura Shrimp or Chicken
Beef Negimaki
Beef rolled with scallion, broiled & served with teriyaki sauce
Chicken Lettuce Wrap
Calamari Tempura
spicy Rock Shrimp
Deep fried shrimp topped with spicy mayo sauce
spicy Pakalolo Shrimp
Spicy Hawaiian style domestic shrimp, served with sweet chili pepper dipping sauce
spicy Baked Mussels
Yaki Toki (Chicken Skewer)
Agedash Tofu
Deep fried tofu topped w. green onion, w. tempura dipping sauce on the side
Deep fried Japanese spring roll
raw Beef Tataki
Seared beef, served with ponzu sauce